sábado, 6 de junio de 2009

One who was...

I am one of those who
came and went noiselessly, having affected little,
having agitated nothing in this world, gaze
still young. Few remember me: I lived.
In some way I am still there leaning
against that corner, some distant summer,
some imprecise day of summer, looking at you...
You´re coming nearer to me but don´t know it.
You watched the sea so often, after I had already disappeared...
you travelled to places I never had the time to visit,
no matter how I dreamed of doing so. I was
your unlikely friend, leaning one summer day against the corner,
looking at you. A long time ago. You may have forgotten.
Yet you´re coming nearer to me,
although you don´t know it. But don´t be afraid:
the day, the place, my face
are still as you knew them, just a little less

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